Hi! We’re PantyGal, and we believe women can have it all — especially when it comes to their underwear.

That’s why we set out to revolutionize the Brazilian bikini, providing the iconic aesthetic with what it’d been missing: Breathability. Because while we love ‘90s nostalgia as much as the next girl, we’re equally passionate about health, hygiene, and making empowered decisions about what we choose to put in — and wear on — our bodies. We hope to inspire you to do the same, starting with your underwear drawer.

Unlike almost any undergarments available (seriously, check the tags!), PantyGal panties are genuinely made of 100% cotton, and completely free of any synthetic fabrics. To translate: Our panties promote maximum air-flow, helping to protect the most absorbent part of your body…but still look their part as sophisticated, seductive, panties. See? There’s no need to choose between sensuality and sensibility. Just keep doing you, and look and feel your best while you're at it.

Say goodbye to unwanted spandex and hello to your new favorite panties at PantyGal.